Friday, October 29, 2010

Linda Jasmin dan Glamorous

wargh... setiap hari jenguk blog, tp x update apa2 pun XD
kesibukan before study week, biasala tu...
anyway.. huhuhu agak nervous.. event besar akan diadakan hari Ahad ini.. which my responsibility agak besar di situ.. urgh... Dinner!! ajk hadiah as well as koreografer and also as MT.. =.=" there are so much things to do.. and I am busy with the presentations as well, limiting my timeline. I am worried like hell.. huhuhu...
1st event preparation masih lom menampakkan aura2nya..
my dancers sgt.. *sigh* I don't know what to say.. less passionate? how they can dance without a passion? dance with nothing expressed is not a dance at all.. and the choreography still not done yet so yeah I can only say, oh-my-I'm-SO-FREAKING-OUT-here! and I don't get any follow-up with the VIPs and the gifts and I have two test today and a presentation and I'm not ready yet and everyone seems to expect me a lot and I haven't cut my hair yet and ... arghhhhh... I can't do this!!!

the end of my update. How was it?

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