Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hilangnya diri aku dalam dunia blog kerana kesibukan yang melanda, ofcourse plus setiap kali aku nak blog, mesti lupa apa yang aku nak tulis, last-last cancel, x jadik tulis..
So today I think I just ranting about anything..

first of all, last weekend kinda short to me. Friday went ended shortly because most of the hours were filled with dance practice. Modern dance on the evening and contemporary dance on the night. My back hurt as its been long time I haven't dance. On Saturday, woke up early because there were notice no water the whole day which happened to be false after all. Practice for modern dance again on the morning, then hang out at my friend's room watching Grey's Anatomy.On the afternoon went to FSTS Organic Lab to help my friend doing her FYP. Not helping anything, just watching around anyway XD. Then on night again, the practice.

On Sunday, there were event in Sakura which involved me for the whole day. At morning I was awake by a friend's call asking me music for aerobic. I was PMS by that time so its been a moody and ultimate lazy day. After that, there were suppose to be gotong-royong but instead me and my members were practicing dancing for a last time. Then since there were bicycles at that time all 4 of us when cycling whole UNIMAS. It was fun and refreshing. Then I was helping in charge on ensuring everything were fine..
On the afternoon sukaneka was held. It was scorching hot so I just stay under the canopy and play with the PA System. On the closing ceremony, we did the performance. Hahahah.. Actually it pretty impressive that we can pull it out even with only few hours practice. And then when its over,we, again, went cycling the whole UNIMAS. My butt hurts, hahahahah...Then I'm having fun went out dinner with friends. We all laughing all the way for stupid and random things.
Then, again practice.

And here comes another weekdays....

p/s: I should entitled this post as The Practice, XD

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