Tuesday, January 22, 2013


A very short post, I assumed.

Last weekend was superb. I got to watch Mama, which is I think a fine horror movie. It's good in a way that everyone scream their hearts out. ( 2 days after that I still sleep with my light on =.=") Not that it matters anyway since most of the time I slept around 4-5 am. My sleeping habit is kinda getting worse. I'm not sure what makes me so awake on the night. My morning starts around noon. Apparently my biological timezone not in sync with the surrounding again. And it is pain in the ass to fix that.

I bought Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  :) It is some kind of spin-off from Harry Potter. Being a die-hard fan, I feel like being a kid given a lollipop. I should put this moment as the time that I've been truly happy.Besides I've found 3, eh, 4 novels that I'm dying to buy... So hopefully that RM250 rebate is coming soon, because I can't wait to bought them. :D

That this week it's back to being in slumber again. Nothing much is going around I guess, but the results coming out, that's what people said. I really hate that nerve-wrecking feeling that I had since yesterday. My friends told me that I'll be fine, but why do I have a hard time to believe that. I shall go distract my mind for a while until I get to see the outcomes.

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