Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy, Money, and Cats

I think because it's holiday, I got to post a lot of my thoughts whenever I want. The thing is this holiday felt so.. abrupt. Well, I do know that my holiday started this week, but usually I planned things to do during holiday. This time, I don't. One day, the exam was over, then I don't know what to do. I get lost I guess. My friends are busy with their researches so I don't feel like to bug them too much. So I guess I have a lot of time to let my thoughts wander. When it happens I have to write it down because I don't like feeling overthinking of something and let it scattered my brain. Plus, nothing interesting on tv lately (or I don't watch tv a lot).

Today is already 16th of January, so I don't felt like sharing my feeling on the end of last year and what happens on the New Year. As usual though I get to go to KL again last Christmas. It was awesome except the fact that I lost my ID card, and I spent one whole day buat IC baru because I need to use it to get back home =.=". What make this 2013 different, is probably my resolution. Last year, my resolutions was pretty general. To love more, to live more and be happy. And I was. I accomplished that. Not really shown in my face but I think I'm contented with my life right now. Sure, there are bad days, and hardships but what life without challenges, right? In one way, that resolution what kept my feet on the grounds and Alhamdulillah I stayed sane.

This year though, I'm keeping the same resolution with some extra. I'v read it somewhere before on how to keep a resolution is to be more specific. So I've thought hard to specified what I want for this year.

This is my 2013 Resolutions:

  1. Graduate. I was bitter throughout October 2012 because I didn't graduate on time. It was my fault, so it felt hard because I can't blamed anybody but me. So I'll ensure that I graduate this year. Whatever it takes. I'll go to re-test if I have to. I've wanted to graduate this year so much that I can bear to think the alternative.
  2. Embrace myself. I'm always self-conscious. About my weight, my face, my skin color. It sometimes affect me a lot. I'm 22 now, going to 23 this year, I need to start to take care of my life. I don't think being thin and pretty is important, but I'd like if I can keep being healthy. Changing habits are hard, so baby steps one at a time. Get exercise regularly, do give attention of what I eat and so forth. I might not lose any weight, but if I can kept myself from any sickness this year, that will be awesome.
  3. Save money. I 'm very impulsive on this matter. Sometimes I can hold my urge on shopping, sometimes I don't. I just bought it without any second thoughts. It's dangerous for me at this point. I don't have scholarship anymore. I don't take PTPTN loan. My savings, I think, is enough to pay for the next semester's fee, but as any normal young adults, I like to go out a lot. And my mom starts talking about get a job. =.=" and I owed my mom a lot. So I really need to sort out priorities when it comes on spending the money.
  4. Filled the Jar of Happiness. Yes, I have a jar of happiness. It's not really a jar though. I've read it my friend's facebook about the idea of putting your happy events in a jar and by the end of the year, you got to read it. It's pretty awesome idea. So, besides blog, I have one more place to put my happy thoughts. And I think it cools that if I had a bad day, I can take a look at it to remind myself that I am happy and those bad days are not a big deals, because I know I can be happy. Cool, kan?
  5. Watch a movie alone. By that, I mean, go to MBO or any other cinema, pick a movie and watched it by myself. I never have guts to do that. I guess I am pretty insecure to have fun on my own. I want to be more confident about myself, so that's one fun way to do so. :D
  6. Go for a trip with friends. We've been talking about this for a while. We all have experiences going for trips with family but not on our own. I think it would be awesome, because we got to plan it our own, with our own budget. I hope it happening soon though.
I think that's all. It's more like what I want to do in this year. I love resolutions because it gave me sense of purposes :D So I really hope that I can fulfill all of it.

random story: A stray cat somehow got inside my home. When I've heard the noises I thought it was robbers. My heart literally skips a beat. T_T I don't really scared of cats, but I think started to develop the phobia on them. 

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