Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I've missed

I got bored. so I wrote this.

Things that I think I missed the most:
  1. Tonnes of sleepover. either it was in my dorm or my friend's, we always have sleepover during Friday and weekend nights and make our own party. :) Watch movies is a must. then play games. 'Hack' each others fb. Have a deep talk. Shallow talk too. Go for late brunches and watch movies again. Happy times, indeed.
  2. No curfew. Living in college gives me a freedom of making own decision. I don't have curfew. So we can go out for a drive at 1 am and no one cares. We're not going to wild parties or do extremely dangerous things. Sometimes we just drive along that empty road and have fun watching the nights.
  3. Study group. Since we basically live in the same college, we can plan study group anytime and anywhere we want. 
  4. Basketball and Dancing. These two activities are what my friends and I do a lot, so not having them here, kinda sucks.
  5. Go for college events. I don't live in college now, so I don't have reasons to attend it. Plus, it always held on nights and I have curfews so yes, it sucks. No formal dinners. :(
  6. Packing and Going Home. well, I never liked packing. I still don't like it. yet I miss packing, and be whiny about it. Scavenging boxes in Desa Ilmu, carrying the boxes from my room to the store was hell, but again when with friends anything can be fun. And I always go back a few days after the last paper because we always planned some kind of end-of-semester celebration. We've made it special by dressing up and really let go of the stresses. Up all night, then go back to our hometown on the next day. My hometown now is Kuching, so it wasn't really as excited as riding bus for 7 freaking hours to Sibu with all those luggage. hahaha. :D
I miss my friends. A lot. We're contacting each other now and then, but I do miss them. I miss the time that we had in university. This semester is harder because, this is the first time that I went into classes alone. They all graduated, so I was here alone. I took it pretty hard, I guess. This final exam week was even harder. I used to have advantages studying with them but now I do feel like I am on my own. Each of us have our own role in handling stresses together and I always feel that I was strong getting through that four years because I always knew they are there. Truth to be told, I was scared for this semester. I was scared that I can't hold on. They knew that, and still be there for me. Not literally but I know they are and I always thankful for that.

Well, I guess life goes on and don't wait for anyone. Things change and I have to adapt with it. Still, I miss my friends. 

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