Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Challenge. Day 1

10 things about me

1. I have some traumatic experiences with cockroaches. so I’m phobic to them.

2. Currently I should study instead of tumblr-ing

3. Honestly, I never fall in love before. I don’t have first love. Pathetic, I know =.=”

4. I am clumsy and forgetful. I always forget and misplaced my stuffs.

5. I am childish inside but people doesn’t really notice it.

6. I don’t know what my talent are or whatever that makes me unique from others. I am so ordinary.

7. Secretly, I have a crush. I really sure it is a crush. hahahaaha

8. I realized I eat a lot when I’m stressed. It becoming a habit lately.

9. I have low blood pressure. =.=”

10. Since I was born I have asthma, but I trying so hard to handle it and never show it to anyone.

Actually I just copied it from my tumblr.. heheheh.. but all this are true.. So now, you just know 10 things about me which I don't recall if I did mentioned about it to somebody or not. hehehe.. but everyone knows me they know about #1. hehehehe

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