Wednesday, September 22, 2010

not so awesome post

If I make a countdown it will be around 13 hours or so left before my midsem test started. And I only have covered a half of a chapter. Though there are only 2 questions, it is gonna be 2 super-hard questions. So far, I don't have any intention to fail so I'm trying hard here. But since the last 4 hours, my brain is so saturated with all those British standards it makes me want to puke. Not to mention my head feels like it want to blow. At least the good thing is, I'm still being positive here. Attempting to make the reading and calculating just to figure which type of steel rods used is fun. I know, I know, it is not but hey, its the only way that I can get through all of these.

I guess busy-ness is going to struck me at any time now. With all those activities need to be held, projects and midterm and so forth is kept coming, I am quite amazed with my brain because it can hold everything in it without bursting.

Okay,okay Jomheboh attacks Kuching this weekend. YUHUUUU!!! Hopefully I won't be too busy so I can have time feeding the needs te socialize out there. heheheheheh. I really hoping I qram Dinzly would be there too. Last time, I didn't got the opportunities to take pictures with him..=( Anyways, lots of sales going on and I might looking for new phone number to buy. Digi perhaps.. hehehe, I wish they having book fair or something like that..

And now, time to facing the book again... I wish I can answer well tomorrow..

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