Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here we go again

cuti dah habis. means, now classes time =.="

Aidilfitri this years has nothing different much from last year except that we traveled a lot that 1 week due to lots of business need to be settled. Anyway it always been fun though its tiring me much. And yes, it makes me sick. I came to UNIMAS last Sunday with a flu and runny nose. I hate it huhhu...

There are lots of pic taken but not edited yet, so might be on my next post.. hehehe..

I was thinking bout photoblog, to post all the pictures that I took and edit. But I don't know I have time on it or not. I shall just do it right? hmm... might be later.. ^___^

now.. this is quite short post than I expected.. I'm running out of ideas..

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