Monday, September 6, 2010


pfftt.. I'm slow. hahah. Holidays is actually already started a few days before and I've been enjoying it. My flight was on Friday's morning and I arrived Sibu around 7 am. Then i feel so tired and slept until noon, maybe because of jetlagged.. HAHAHAHA.. From kch to Sibu.. well.. Maybe because all the pressure, the stress that messed up my life has been lifted away once I arrived at home. It feels good somehow..

DAY 1: I went shopping. I bought a pair of open-toe wedges and a blouse. Also buy a pair of earrings and make ups.. Then foods!! heheheh
DAY2: My day started with biscuit's smells.. ummm... smell so yummy! Help my mom baking as Aidilfitri is around the corner. At afternoon, again I went shopping. This time around I bought a longsleeve shirts and a pair of long pants. oh I also went to optical shops and make myself a new glasses. my degree is increased to 4.00 at both of my eyes..sigh. And also I found two cute and adorable dresses.. I would buy those if I have enough money though. Then we stopped buy at McD and bought our fav meal.. heheheh
DAY3: its baking day!! I helped my mom bake 3 cakes and I felt awesome! feels great when doing something that we love right? Yes I love baking. maybe I'm not that good in cooking, but I good in baking.. hehehe.. My mom and I even talk in opening a bakery.. hehehe.. well mom, don't you know that's in my life plan? And for this day i only went out taking my already made glasses and yes I'm wearing it right now.. I know, I know.. aweessoome~ I also went to my uncle's house and play with my naughty michievous litte cousins.. what a great day!!!

and for today.. no plans yet.. but yes I have to pack because tomorrow is balik kampung!!.heheh.. and I'm still deciding on which dresses to buy. Those dresses are too cute to let it go.. hhuhuhu..

nO Pictures. becaus I'm using mr.M lappy and I'm lazy to transfer the pics.. hehehe

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