Monday, September 27, 2010

we talked

one of the conversation during last night. It happens when I hang around for a while at my friend's room watching them studied for midterm test this morning.

friends 1: (while reading notes and suddenly) aku rasa aku patut tukar boyfriend la!
me: apala kaitan?
friends 1: xda...
me: -_-"

after a while, at the same room.
friends 2: aku rasa aku perlu dating la
me: apahal korang tok =.="? apa kaitan dengan natural product??

haha =.=" I wonder what the connections are.. They just panicking when they haven't covered all the chapter and started to talk about randomly. And actually there are more topics that we converse, funny ones like stupid and embarrassing moments during childhood, our raya memories even about things happened in KML few years ago and if I stayed longer there will be much more. But I couldn't, because I don't want to disturb them study and also I have midterm as well today. Plus, my body kinda beat have been working all day, from sukan air to Fiesta Aidilfitri. My legs hurt, so does my arms and my throats. I really feel want to skip class today and go back to sleep but I can't because my test is on 8am this morning.

And hell, its raining outside.. it will be awesome if I'm sleeping right now T___T

random: the other conversations could not be included here as its privacy matters and lets its just keeps between us for laughs

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