Friday, August 13, 2010

in memories

Alfatihah to my bestfriend Rashidah Mohamad. moga dia ditempatkan di tempat2 orang yang beriman. In memories 1989-2010.

I knew her since we were form 1. We both been placed in one dorm and since then we're friend. Form 1 until form 5 we grew up together even not in the same class. We played together we slept together, we went through all those high school ventures together. Knowing her help me grew up better. We both learned about friendship, trust and faith.

I got the news of her accident yesterday evening. It was shocking and yes my mind goes blank. All the memories rush in my brain.

I don't know how to explain my condition or my feelings or whatsoever here. It just... hmm...
So all I can do is to move on and pray for her. She was my friend and she always be.

Bek, ku redha pemergian ko.. semoga pemergianmu dilimpahi rahmat daripada Allah.. Amin~~

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