Friday, August 20, 2010


If I'm working I can see what kind of person I can be. I think. I will be a workaholic. Nowadays, when I am loaded with works all I can think is work work and work.
but I won't talk about work in this post.. hopefully. But what I felt about it..

I felt like I can't breathe. Suffocated. and Lonely. Works make the gap between me and other people wider. My coursemate did tell me that they haven't see much around Unimas. Even my friends. When my friends, told me that they miss me, somehow haven't see me lately, I was taken aback. Am I really drifting apart from them?

so yesterday I didn't rush to go back to my room, and went lepak-ing with my friends at jetty and we talked. And honestly, I felt great. I felt I can sip the air and breathe. Even just for 20 minutes but we did do what we enjoy. Talk and laugh. Jokes around.

To friends, though we have our own burden, our own works, but seriously, I do care about all of you and yes I will try my best to be a great friend for you..

Betul kata orang, the greater the power the more responsible you hold. But no fear, family and friends still will be my first priority =)

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