Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Its so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!!

I want to watch this T__T Why oh why Despicable me is hard to find. The good quality one..

Red eyes!! Don't look at my eyes. Serius. Don't look. You might get infected. When this week Ineeded to interact with lots of people, Sigh. What to do..

I have tons of meds..hahaha..

I officially have 3 projects. 2 design projects and one analysis project. WOW.. O.O

I have a slide and I need to clear up about catering thingy, plus a poster need to be done..

Doctor asked me to rest..

I found out that McD just finished the GCB stocks. I'm so frustrated!!

Basically I'm tired and full

It's SOOO FLLUUFFFEEHHH!!! XD I like this! d^__^b

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