Thursday, November 4, 2010


fb does the miracles again! hahaha.. rasa sangat gembira..
someone adds me a girl. 1st I did tengok her fb. But its private so nothing much to know. The face looks Korean so I thought it was not her but it does look familiar.
2nd time I saw the mutual friends. all are my schoolmates, so its kinda shocked so I tried to remember people who've been to my schools. Thought she was my junior but mostly both of our friends from the same batch, so I limiting my memories to my own class but still I couldn't so I just approved her.

Rupa2nya it was my long-lost-close-friends. Kami segeng masa form 1 and form 2 before she moved to Kuching. My oh my, she turned out to be a very beautiful girl. She was pretty too in school but yeah, time passing by, people changes. heheh..
Basically both of us lost contact and as time passed by we both changed so much and we both actually couldn't recall each other before stalking the profiles.LOL..

anyway it feels awesome... the old memories rushing to my brain~

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