Monday, November 15, 2010

where oh where is my McSteamy?

I need a guy friend. Some thing like Mark Sloan and Callie Torres. Who knows this two best buddies? Yeah, yeah they are the characters from Grey's Anatomy. I love them both. hohoho..

I want to have some relationship like that. A best buddy. A guy you can talk to and ask their opinion. Someone that can honestly says anything to you. Sigh. I can hardly found one here. I need to have someone like Mark Sloan to Callie Torres (ignore the part that they are ex-sex partner and Callie is lesbian) . But yeah, you get my point.

Most of my guy friends are just acquaintances, course mates and someone that I know. The one who want to get close to me are all the one who looking for couples.. which is sometimes can be so pushy and annoyingly cheesy. Can't they just be friend? sigh.

I just need one. Someone that I can rely on. I do have girl best friend for girls stuffs. But there are things that you need guy friends.. A guy that I can really said anything, do anything and be myself comfortably.

But people said girl and guy couldn't be just friends. Ijit???


Miss Syamsina said...

once u have one, u'll fall in love with him. like what i did with fahmi. huhu

sbb.. bila berkwan bait.. rasa sungguh ngam bah.. bila ngam, mula lah rasa sayang. hehehe..

tp best oh, mun dlm gerek, dpt rs ada bestfren. =D just sometimes masa kelaie ya ttp sik best juak lah. ahaha

taytay said...

sigh. perluka love2.. haha.. tp kalu duak2 fall in love bestla,because u hv someone u love and a bestfren at the same time

tp mun sorg jk yg fall in love ya la yg x bestnya..

Miss Syamsina said...

ya lahh.. kenak polah chemistry. goda kan nya. hahahah. sikda lah =p

hemm.. masa kelaie camtok buat ku rs rindu nak berkwan ngn nya cam dolok! huhu.. eh, eh sik mok eh.. mok gerek juak. huhu

Miss Mellisa said...

guy and girl can be just friend, trust me :) and sometimes they made better friend than girl.

taytay said...

miss syamsina: see~ hahaha...

miss mellisa: hehe true..