Sunday, November 14, 2010

Music , Coffee and everything in between

I'm changing the blog title. again. Hahahaha dunno why I pick up this title but surely it is because it sounds like me.

Music and Coffee is things that I've always had to start off my day..
and this blog is showing mostly about whatever I've thought, whatever I've felt in that moment. Something like showing up how I see life, other people and everything.

So it does feel meaningful. =)

I'm too stressed. Life become too serious for me. I'm changing become too serious. And I've forgot what's the most important to me. Which is being happy in what I'm doing. So, I'm just taking a few steps back, take a little breather and finally do something that I really love, something I cherish the most.

A good start of changing something,eh?


ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

i love music
i'm coffee addicted.

student life.

taytay said...

hmmm ..
music: who doesn't love it?
coffe: not addicted.. just mmesti mok mnum lam sehari..haha

sabarla k. wawa n enjoy it