Sunday, November 7, 2010

that's how committed we are~ not really..

the end of study weeks. but it doesn't feels like one. I was busy with all the meetings, projects and assignments. So I haven't do any study at all.. wargh~
and here is a scoop of what did I've done during this so-called study week..

ya, while discussing a picture or two won't do any harm. hehe

MT is meeting for next semester activities

trust me~ I'm not studying any analysis or calculation.. I'm calculating the budgets~ ya,ya, I'm the bendahari, remember?

and this is from different angle~

there are other pictures too but felt so lazy to upload it here~ heheh.. this is more to an inside scoop of my life as MT JPK isn't it? hehehe.. anyway.. I should go back to study.. I kept diverting my focus to other things.

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