Thursday, November 4, 2010

Books and Grieves

Just finished reading this. Yeah, it has the movie too but I haven't watch the movie so I don't know how the movie is.

Nothing much to spoiler, you have to read it. For me, it is beautifully and tragically sad. You can't expect anything to comes even how much you have gotten used to it. Its all about death and living. How much loss has affected both sides of world. The bond between Charlie and Sam is superb. And Tess character is good too. The plot surprises me though. I thought it would be typical plot of the character has to choose between his brother or the girl (I was influenced by the movie's trailer). The relationship between the character is beautiful and through reading, I somehow feel how hard it is to let go. tsk.

Last but not least, this novel is awesome =) (I am suck doing any review so its kinda short and not really like a review post. hehehe)

Last Tuesday, I was looking for Lauren Conrad's Sweet Little Lies at MPH unfortunately, it is out of stock, I guess because I couldn't find it anywhere. Instead I bought John Irving's Last Night in Twisted River. Another novel about grief. Am I changing genre? hahahah. but since I am pretty busy with study now so haven't started reading it yet.. hehe

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