Sunday, November 14, 2010

Engineering talks

Bored. I've been staying away from books for a while because I just need to stay away from it. But as today, while having my dinner with two awesome heroes in my life, which are my dad and my brother, suddenly I get the mood back. Family is always been the best motivation, eh? Anyway as usual when I'm with the dudes of my family, mostly we talk about general things. Such as sports or Malaysia nowadays. hehe.. its kinda refreshing though. Having some intellectual conversation.

And tonight we were talking about all the accidents happened these few months. Scary. Since both me and my brother in the same field, we talk it more engineering-ly. hahaha..Transportation engineering. The system. And also the politics. Again, the politics. To be honest with all the engineering right now, development should be easy and nothing is impossible. Constructing a road connecting Sibu to Kapit would be without hesitation could be done. But then, yes, too much interference from other aspects. The politic itself interfering the development. Engineers if were given the order to design something, they would do it. Just like what my brother said, people can construct the highway from Perak to Kelantan despite the topography there during British ages, why we can't do it now, from Sibu to Kapit?
But we couldn't put the blame in the engineering though. It more to law implementation itself and the attitude of the companies who mostly ignores it.

Enough for that. It just, sometimes there are law shouldn't be ignored. Because of greediness, people's lives on risk, and its just not fair. Money does solve a lot of problems but it can't pay back what have been loss.
this is me. Me celebrating myself entering 20-th hahahahaXD

the point is I'm just bored. so I just ranting about tonight.


ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

cik LyndaWawa kater...
dia suke stle kamoo..

taytay said...

style ka itu?
style apa? hohoh

ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

LyndaWawa kater kamu sangat sempoi..

LyndaWawa kater lagi..good luck untuk next paper!!

taytay said...

hehehehe terima kasih~
good luck to u too!!